Endless Sea

Endless Sea out my Window
Endless Sea out my window

You see here exactly what I see as I type these words. I have been skimming a couple of books on WordPress and the secrets of successful blogging, and I know even more now that I’m doing it wrong and that no one is interested in this.  Oh well.

We were in Lisbon for just one jet-lagged night before boarding our ship, the venerable RSS Voyager, and now we are at sea, on our way to Madeira. EU Covid rules are strict, and the rules on the ship are as well. We wear masks outside our stateroom, unless we are eating or drinking. Most of what we do outside the stateroom is eat and drink, so it’s really a minor inconvenience. Compliance is nearly 100%, with no complaints. In fact, people in my bubble are that way at home, though if I go much inland, the yahoos proliferate.

The ship has internet access at somewhat better than dialup — no video streaming, but text and stills load with reasonable speed. I can blog, in other words.