Old Coffee (2)

I have a love/can’t-stand relationship with coffee.  I bought a new bag of Peet’s “Major Dickason’s Blend” beans at my local Peet’s a few days ago that fell firmly into the can’t-stand bin.  I’ve consumed many bags of the Major’s blend in the past, and generally considered it OK, so this is an unexplained change.

Do I have crypto-covid with the only symptom being deranged taste buds? No, that can’t be, because toast tastes the same.  More likely, I think, is that Covid has affected the Peet’s delivery chain, and the beans that were supposedly roasted on 2020-11-02 were actually very old. In any case, the flavor was virtually identical to the year-old beans I wrote about yesterday.  Eeew de old boot.

Today I am trying a bag of Peet’s ‘Espresso Blend’, which, while not great, at least isn’t foul…

Old Coffee Beans

A couple of days ago I found a 12 oz bag of Peet’s ‘Cafe Domingo’ beans by the coffee grinder.  I assumed that daughter Sara bought them, opened the bag, and dumped them in the hopper.

Later I asked her. She said no, she found them in the kitchen cabinet along with some other beans.  She showed me — there was also a bag of ‘Major Dickason’s Blend’. Both bags were almost a year old.  In the spirit of inquiry, I made a cup for me (espresso) and a cup for CF (Aeropress).

In all honesty, I cannot recommend it, and, despite being averse to waste, I am seriously contemplating dumping the beans.  (CF, on the other hand, said “I like it.” But she is famous for drinking almost anything, coffeewise.)

It is drinkable in the strictly literal sense, but the flavor has one note: harsh.  No coffee aroma.  Sad.

Dinner with friends…

Guacamole and chips and champagne

Yesterday marks the first time since the pandemic started that we have had dinner with our friends.

A discernible shape?

This is the much enlarged image of Mars

In my previous post I said that Mars actually appeared as a tiny sphere.  Here is a much enlarged portion of that image — it’s not much to look at, but I’m tickled that it doesn’t appear to just be a diffraction pattern from a point source of light…

Moon and Mars

In the original, if you zoom in so that pixels are individual squares, Mars actually is a discernible sphere.

Lower left, needing no introduction, is the Moon. Upper right, in the far far distance, is Mars

Fire across the Bay

Looking across South San Francisco Bay at an out of control wildfire.

This photo was taken from our balcony.  Our development abuts canyonland that could turn into an inferno like this.