The Coffee Station

Coffee Station
The Coffee Station

I make coffee here every morning. If you look closely, right behind the hopper for the coffee grinder there is a small memo book, the “Coffee Station Log”.  The March 4 entry reads, in part: “…coffee is supposed to last until we leave for the NY-Barcelona cruise on April 16.”

I read that this morning, on March 20, not quite three weeks after I wrote it.  Things are happening so fast!  The cruise is no more, almost certainly, and the US has 50,000 cases of COVID-19, on track for 100,000 in three days, and by the time April 16 arrives we will undoubtedly be over a million.

Unlike too many of my fellow citizens, I understand exponential growth.  I still find the reality of it hard to grasp, but I am holed up in my bunker, making coffee every morning, for as long as I can.

Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds

Home of a permanent exhibit on the history of the Nazi movement in Germany.  Originally it was to be the “Congress Hall” for the Nazi rally grounds, but it was never completed:

Unfinished Congress Hall, now home to the Documentation Center, with permanent exhibits on the rise of Nazism

It was consciously modeled on the Roman Colosseum.  Here is a view of the unfinished interior:

The backside.

Like a number of Nazi constructions, it was done very hastily.  Note the random mixture of bricks:

Hasty brick construction.

The Nazis took over Germany in what seems like an inexplicably short time.  The party started around 1920; in 1933 Hitler was named Chancellor by von Hindenberg, and in within a few years Germany was a totalitarian state bent on world conquest.