Ducks in a row

ducklings crossing a major street


Out for a walk, and found a mama duck and babies. This is Crow Canyon Road, a major surface street.  Before COVID-19 there would be heavy traffic. But the Samaritan here stopped and shooed them across, and I was able to walk across the road to the center divide to get a picture.

Just around the bend here, on Feb 24, less than two months ago, a 12 year old girl was killed by a hit and run driver.  There is a makeshift memorial just out of view.

Thinking about retirement while vacationing at Lake Como

Coping with Retirement

I went on Facebook today; saw many posts from Facebook friends related to my work life, and fell into a revery. There’s no way I would ever want to go back — the bite of being a person of leisure, world traveler, and  detached observer of humanity goes a bit too deep, and the freedom is glorious. But the pull of the world of work is still there, and it hurts a bit. Sitting at my balcony looking over Lake Como, hearing the Italian chatter outside, the call of ducks, the lapping waves, and thinking about — thinking about everything. There isn’t anything I would rather be doing at the moment, but a bit of sadness about things undone hangs over it.


Looking at Lake Como
From a restaurant in Varenna

Lake Como

Looking across Lake Como
Looking Across Lake Como






Exceptional ISS photo…

Exceptional ISS photo…

Originally shared by Pierre Markuse

Earth from Space: Fishing boats near Vietnam

In this image you can see Vietnam and numerous fishing boats with green lighting to attract fish and squid, taken by ESA astronaut Tim Peake ( from aboard the International Space Station (ISS). 

The bright city at the top of the image is Bangkok in Thailand, the city at the bottom is Cam Ranh in Vietnam.

Tim Peake is aboard the ISS at the moment (Expedition 47, and is posting pictures from space on his Twitter, follow him here:

Read more about his Principia mission aboard the ISS here:

Image credit: Vietnam and fishing boats ESA/NASA/Tim Peake / Edited by Pierre Markuse