Exceptional ISS photo…

Exceptional ISS photo…

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Earth from Space: Fishing boats near Vietnam

In this image you can see Vietnam and numerous fishing boats with green lighting to attract fish and squid, taken by ESA astronaut Tim Peake (https://goo.gl/4HAAIV) from aboard the International Space Station (ISS). 

The bright city at the top of the image is Bangkok in Thailand, the city at the bottom is Cam Ranh in Vietnam.

Tim Peake is aboard the ISS at the moment (Expedition 47, https://goo.gl/G6v4Ns) and is posting pictures from space on his Twitter, follow him here: https://twitter.com/astro_timpeake

Read more about his Principia mission aboard the ISS here:


Image credit: Vietnam and fishing boats ESA/NASA/Tim Peake https://goo.gl/EYHvL8 / Edited by Pierre Markuse 

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Flying dreams

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Flying dreams

After reading this page :  https://bitly.com/1vaVr3C  I think that would be nice to share with you perspective about  .

I’m lucky that have been traveling a lot all around Vietnam and being a photo guide so I haven’t yet use their services.

Some information are true but still not enough , then I highly recommend you discover more 😉

In my opinions

As our traditional cuisine, which you can be amazed by its taste.

– “Bún chả”,  “Thịt đông”, “Thịt gác bếp”…..at the Northern and Ha Noi.

– “Bánh xèo”, “Thịt kho trứng”, “Canh chua”….. at the Southern and Mekong delta

–  “Bún bò Huế”,  “Mì Quảng”, “Cơm hến”…..at Hoi An town and Hue city. (The Middle)

Try some our well-known dishes like Phở, Vietnamese Spring roll, Vietnamese bread…..and tropical fruits are always a wonderful choice! Can easily find them at everywhere in my country :-))))

Scenery to visit, I would love to recommend some more as Van Long wet land, Phong Nha cave, Tu Le town…..

well beside that we’re still lack of high quality services at beautiful landscapes…..sigh.

Anyway, You should go to see and help us improve our weakness :-))))

Carly Morson : Update amount of motocycles in Vietnam, now is more than 39M and rapidly increase by year :-\