Rereading “The Ballad of Lost C’Mell” by Cordwainer Smith.

Smith didn’t write many stories, but they linger in my mind far more than most. The first one I remember reading was “No, No, Not Rogov!” — I forgot where I read it, or who the author was.  “Mother Hitton’s Littul Kittons” was the same — the story burned itself into my memory, but I couldn’t remember where I read it or who it was by.

A couple of years ago the mystery resolved:  there’s a book that reprints his complete short works.  Some of the titles are so poetic:  “The Dead Lady of Clown Town”,  “Alpha Ralpha Boulevard”, “Scanners Live in Vain”, “The Colonel Came Back from the Nothing-At-All”.

RIP nexus 7

Pulled my nexus 7 out of my gym bag and opened the cover to find the screen festooned with a thick spiderweb of cracks.  The screen lights up with no flaws in the image, but the touch response is gone.  I can’t even acknowledge the “OK” to power it off.

The gym bag was just clothes and notebooks, but it was in a place where other people could dump stuff on it.  Someone must have hit it hard, or sat on it, or something.

A quick search indicates that there isn’t really a cost-effective way to repair it; has anyone used an old 8G model as a source of spare parts?