RIP nexus 7

Pulled my nexus 7 out of my gym bag and opened the cover to find the screen festooned with a thick spiderweb of cracks.  The screen lights up with no flaws in the image, but the touch response is gone.  I can’t even acknowledge the “OK” to power it off.

The gym bag was just clothes and notebooks, but it was in a place where other people could dump stuff on it.  Someone must have hit it hard, or sat on it, or something.

A quick search indicates that there isn’t really a cost-effective way to repair it; has anyone used an old 8G model as a source of spare parts?

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  1. Oh my god that’s horrible! My heart sinks reading your story. I love my Nexus 7 so much so I can understand the upset. 🙁

    Asus can repair it for about $75 from what I’ve seen posted on the net. You should contact then.

    If not, look around on eBay, forums and repair websites for people selling the screen or parting out their Nexus 7.

    Best of luck.

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