L-354: Logbook

Originally shared by Samantha Cristoforetti

Today I got to spend some time in the ISS mockups here in Star City, in particular in the Service Module. I have attached a panorama of the interior, so you can take a tour!

As a non-Russian crewmember I will not be expected to perform complex work in the Service Module: in fact, I am not trained for any kind of work on the systems, except for the interaction with emergency response items and with basic life support equipment.

These include the toilet, of course, which is however very similar to the one in Node 3 that we would typically use as non-Russian crew. Actually, it’s pretty much exactly the same toilet, except that the Node3 unit is nominally connected to the Urine Processing Assembly to recover the urine to potable water.

Water delivery is another basic life support function. Just like in the US Lab, the Service Module has a water delivery unit (on the “wall”  above the table) to rehydrate food packages. It has two separate outlets for “hot”  and “warm” water and the possibility to set the quantity of water needed according to the instructions on the food package.

On the other side, opposite to the table, is another water delivery system, typically used to simply drink ambient temperature water.

And in the table itself is the food warmer for the Russian food cans

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