John Kenneth Galbraith’s “The Age of Uncertainty”

John Kenneth Galbraith’s “The Age of Uncertainty”

A  1977 miniseries on economic history.

1. The Prophets and Promise of Classical Capitalism

2. The Manners and Morals of High Capitalism

3. The Dissent of Karl Marx

4. The Colonial Idea

5. Lenin and the Great Ungluing

6. The Rise and Fall of Money

7. The Mandarin Revolution

8. The Fatal Competition

9. The Big Corporation

10. Land and People

11. The Metropolis

12. Democracy, Leadership, Commitment

13. Weekend in Vermont (three one hour programmes in which Galbraith discusses economics, politics and international relations with guests such as Henry Kissinger, Georgy Arbatov and Edward Heath). These interviews are not covered in the book.

Milton Friedman’s Free to Choose was in part a response to and rebuttal of Galbraith’s series.

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