The FREE Complete User Guide to Ello


Originally shared by Mark Traphagen

The FREE Complete User Guide to Ello

I’ve published what I believe to be the first Complete User Guide to Ello. Read it on the web for free at

The guide covers every aspect of Ello, including:

➢ Creating an account and profile

➢ The Ello home page

➢ Following users

➢ Finding users

➢ Posting and commenting

➢ Ello best practices: How to become a super user

➢ Extras: Text formatting, Emojis, and Ello services

Feel free to share a link to this guide anywhere and everywhere. I’d only ask that you not reproduce it anywhere without permission. I’ll have a downloadable PDF version available soon.

Here’s an easy to share link to the guide:

Let me know if you see any errors or anything I left out that you’d like covered!


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