The Strange Pathways Knowledge Flows  This looks like a great movie.

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The Strange Pathways Knowledge Flows  This looks like a great movie.  Thanks, Roger Friedman for pointing it out.  I had not noticed until a few friends were snickering about some technical details.  

Please, Roger, forgive what looks like unkind words.  That big publishers and big companies hide free software from people is something of a sore spot.  Apple is a big BSD user that got their browser from the KDE project.  Microsoft borrows free software all the time and their most successful current investment, Facebook, is wholly driven by gnu/linux.  Even Google hides their use of GNU/linux from users Chromebook, etc.  There are even GNU/Linux distributions that don’t mention GNU.  Such thoughtlessness is often malicious and is almost always offensive.  

I don’t think an entertainment writer should be held up to those standards but would like to help, if you have the time.  

Edward Snowden used Tails, a GNU/Linux distribution designed to protect people’s privacy, especially journalists and whistle blowers.

I imagine he used Lenovo because it’s the best choice of what he might have been offered as a contractor.  IBM Thinkpads have an excellent reputation in the free software community for sturdy build, good size/power balance, excellent documentation and easy repair.


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