Hmm.  I was spending nearly $200 a month on gasoline but I could lease an electric car for $179 per month.  Still need to keep the old car for longer trips, and there are other expenses, but the bottom line is that we got new wheels for very little net cost…

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  1. Paul Vixie We haven’t had it long enough to get very accurate information, but roughly 12kwh/day for 30 miles driving.

    We changed to time-of-use billing from PG&E; the off-peak (11pm-7am, + weekends) rate is $0.10/kwh.  The rate during peak hours (2pm-9pm on weekdays) is like $0.29, but we got solar a few years ago, and our daytime net usage is pretty low.  We plug it in before we go to bed. The charging cable that comes with the car is for 120 v @ 12 amps; for our usage it easily charges overnight.

    Consumer Reports says the operating cost/mile is $0.035 @ $0.11 / kwh; wikipedia has a good article on the leaf.

    It’s a fun gadget 🙂

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