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  1. Of course they can win; we wouldn’t have a vote, if there wasn’t a doubt.

    Not that one vote=one person; but, the population is increasingly turning away from many of the ideals embraced by the typical republican.

    The ‘masses’ tend not ‘own’ many of the belief systems that  lie within the principle boundaries of the party.

    Most, for example, are employees, not business owners.

    It’s funny, too; to me, that many concepts I see as apolitical are seen by some as strictly partisan.

    I’m the only democrat in a family that’s extremely fiscally and socially conservative.

    My nephew said to me, recently, “Well, Climate Change, I believe in that. Yes, that’s one thing I’ll agree with the Dems on.”

    I found that statement disturbing, as if one needs to pigeon-hole science into belonging to any particular political agenda…

    Science is neutral, period.

    Or so I thought…

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