4 Replies to “Never in my life would i have imagined sharing something for FOX but this is the best endorsement Bush 111 could give”

  1. not really. Jeb! is an actual criminal, he is so far back in the polls, he could not catch up if his uncle darth cheney shot all of his competitors in the face.

    …research the texas Savings and Loan scandal, including the terms Neil and Jeb Bush… ever wonder why we never hear anything about Neil??? i do not.

  2. …also, Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama are radically different people, so the geniuses at FNN are (as usual) just pulling shit out of their asses, and calling it intelligent commentary.

  3. Rachelle Greene Indeed Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama are very different.  But they do share certain characteristics: they are both highly intelligent (in an academic sense); they both think about things; they both are highly pragmatic.

    I remember thinking when Obama was elected “what an incredible relief to have a president with a brain”.

  4. Kent Crispin i completely agree, except about their intelligence being limited to academia–if that were so, he would still be a Law Professor, and she would be one as well.

    what i really meant was that she is (obviously) a White woman, and he is the first Black POTUS. they have differing world views, necessarily–similar, but different.

    also, his main job (besides trying to herd the cats in Congress) was to not fuck up. it is pathetisad, but as the first non-White president, it was imperative that he not fulfil any of the paranoid, racist fantasies circulated during the election process.

    a neighbour of mine (whom i had NO FUCKING IDEA was out of her mind) very seriously told me that if he were president, the first thing he would do is “round up all of the White people, and kill them.” she was 100% serious.

    she was German; she said that i had never lived through a race war, and i had no idea what was coming–like all ignorant, spoiled ameriKKKans.

    her job (should she get it) will be to run the country, free of bigoted bullshit. she will have to deal with a more intense form of misogyny, but she is teflon to that crap. all she has to do is be president–he had to set the example, to open the door for other non-White presidents.

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