This is an xcellent article…

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This is an xcellent article…

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  1. Wonderful piece. After the last round of Democratic debates, I felt the same way. It became clear that given the political, social, and economic landscape of the US, Bernie Sander’s ideas would be very difficult to implement. Hillary Clinton on the other hand, presents very concrete measures and steps. Something, may I add, that Barack Obama’s supporters admire about him.

  2. Oh we have to support Hillary now because the perfectly reasonable things Bernie wants to do, which are mostly things we used to do or extrapolations on the spectacular success of FDRs New Deal are just too hard.

    Yes they are. For Hillary.

    Not for Bernie.

  3. It seems you can summarize this as “Clinton is the best choice because she will do things the way they’ve always been done: try to improve within the confines of what seems possible”.

    I rarely see people address the fact that so many folks in the US are no longer interested in the status quo. Certainly, I’ve never seen anyone put forward a convincing argument as to why people who want to buck the status quo should change their mindset and instead embrace it.

    Also, I feel that all the comparisons between Clinton and “the more moderate” Republicans are fairly irrelevant within the confines of why she should be supported at this point. All those points apply equally to either of the other Democratic nominees.

    In fact, that the point needs to be made that she’s more progressive than liberal Republicans works against her in the eyes of Sanders supporters.

    This is a well written piece, but it’s written to people who already agree with it.

  4. My my my….The comments… I do worry about the election, very much so..This is a Crucial Election, and the Democrats are continuing to Fight each other..We are at a time, when Every republican, is prepared to go to War on day 1 of their presidency, and the Democratic voters are trying to tear each other apart..

  5. Steve S geeze, he’s running on the Democratic ticket, so in my eyes, he’s considered a Dem.. Either way, we Need him or Hillary as POTUS, and each side is trying to Kill each other, saying they won’t vote for him or her, and that is a republican win.. Nothing else..

  6. The Democrats need to have this fight Claire Galczyk​. The fat cat leaders of this party are perfectly happy to have a corporate stooge like Hillary take the nomination, do a few small changes on the broken system but leave most of the fundamental problems and the legalized graft in place.

    Bernie has caught on. I don’t think he can be stopped. He is going to win the first two contests but Hillary is utterly fooling herself if she thinks that his revolution is over after he finally breaks thru and utterly proves that yes he can win.

  7. Claire Galczyk He’s running on the Democratic ticket parasitically. He’s not a Democrat, which is why he hasn’t said a word in public about the fanatics who say they’ll vote for him, not her.

    It’s a one-way street: I’ve never met, or even heard of, a single person who’ll be voting for Clinton in the primaries but won’t vote for the Democratic candidate in the general election. That’s because Clinton supporters are Democrats, Sanders supporters are idiots.

  8. Claire Galczyk Actually, the Republicans are helping. Specifically, they’re helping Sanders. They want him to win and have said as much with both words and money.

  9. The corporate Third Way sellouts have expected liberal votes in the general election for decades even though we were getting almost nothing from their candidates, so it’s reasonable to expect them to vote for Bernie when he inevitably wins the nomination.

  10. Claire Galczyk That’s looking more like it’s going to be the responsibility of the conservatives supporting Hillary, but I can’t understand why they’d stay out, these people are sure rather conservative, but the Republicans are batshit crazy.

  11. Steve S from what I hear the republicans say, they don’t even consider Bernie as a Potential Threat, but do think Hillary is the one to worry about, because she would be the one they would have to run against..Anyway, my vote goes to either one who is the nominee, come November, I hope you do the same..

  12. Claire Galczyk Right, which is why they’ve sent support his way. They want the DNC to do what the RNC’s been doing: put forth a candidate who appeals so strongly to the radical elements of the base that they can’t win in the general election.

    As a Clinton supporter, my willingness to vote for the Democrat in the general elections is an automatic.

  13. Steve S well I can’t understand why the GOP does almost anything they do, it does seem they only consider Hillary a Potential Candidate.. Anyway, my point was, the Democratic Voters are not in any way  sticking together.. Some anyway..

  14. Claire Galczyk The Democratic voters are, but Sanders isn’t a Democrat. He’s never cared about the party: in 2011, he wanted the DNC to run primaries against the sitting President.

  15. Eric Lortie A more correct summary would be: “Clinton is a doer as opposed to a talker who has the political skill and personal qualities to enact more of Sanders’ own agenda than Sanders ever could.”

  16. That’s political fluffery and utterly devoid of substance.

    That you spout it and expect to have it considered meaningful is at the core of whatvis wrong with the political culture of your country.

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