State parties run their own primaries and caucuses.

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State parties run their own primaries and caucuses. When there is a dispute, they consult both the caucus goers and the DNC when necessary. All candidates know the rules for each state up front and plan their strategies accordingly. All candidates agree to the authority of the state and national parties. While the popular vote does factor in, the delegates are what matters for the nomination. Now that the results for IA are in, let’s examine them:

IA gets 44 national pledged delegates and 8 national unpledged delegates.

IDP Rules on State Delegate Math:

First each precinct has a viability number to be awarded delegates

Caucuses that elect 1 delegate -> majority rule

Caucuses that elect 2 delegates -> eligible attendees times 0.25 and round up

Caucuses that elect 3 delegates -> eligible attendees divided by 6 and round up

Caucuses that elect 4 or more delegates -> eligible attendees times 0.15 and round up

Second, except for single delegate precincts, a formula is applied to each viable candidate group to award state delegates

(group members times delegates available)/attendees = delegates group elects

The official state delegate results are:

Clinton Caucus: 700.59  state delegate equivalents

Sanders Caucus: 696.82 state delegate equivalents

O’Malley Caucus: 7.61 state delegate equivalents

Uncommitted Caucus: 0.46 state delegate equivalents

15% minimum per DNC rules is required for pledged national delegates to be awarded and pledged national delegates are awarded proportionally. The official results as of Feb 2, 2016 are:

Clinton: 23

Sanders: 21

For the unpledged delegates, the current standing is:

Clinton: 7

Sanders: 0

Uncommitted: 1

Combined delegate count for IA’s 52 convention delegates:


Sanders: 21

Uncommitted: 1

Final analysis:

Clinton won the popular vote

Clinton won the state delegate vote

Clinton won the pledged delegate vote

Clinton won the unpledged delegate vote

Clinton won the combined delegate vote

Clinton won Iowa

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