Male white privilege:

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Male white privilege:

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  1. I’m about as old white male as it gets. 🙂

    And yet, though I still hope that Sanders wins the nomination and the whole enchilada, if he doesn’t get nominated, I’ll still support Clinton, if only because she doesn’t have “run the country into the ground” as a campaign promise the way the remaining GOP candidates do….

  2. “I have critiqued the Obama administration, but to act as though he has not been an agent of change – and that Hillary Clinton wouldn’t do more good than Donald Trump – is to dance with delusion. Had many of these voters supported the Democrats in the non-presidential election years, Obama would’ve been able to promote an even more progressive agenda.”

  3. It’s not an either/or situation: Either we vote for Hillary or we get Trump. First of all, I do not believe Hillary could beat Trump in the general and second I believe with all my heart Bernie would beat Trump. This article is influenced by the propaganda on the main stream media and does not take into account the huge numbers of people waking up all over our country and following the only honest candidate we have. I will never vote for the Uterus of Wall Street no matter how much the rotting DNC tries to blackmail us into it.

  4. Just because you don’t agree with the article doesn’t make it propaganda. As for the gendered slur, it pretty much makes me think you have nothing to say that I want to listen to.

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