Nailed it.

Originally shared by Daniel Keys Moran

Idiot on another page posted: “Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party are, will continue to be and always have been, completely sold out.”

Me: Completely sold out compared to what? Some platonic ideal that’s never existed in the history of the world? The Democratic Party is:

1. Pro-gay rights & gay marriage

2. Pro-choice. Pro-woman.

3. Obamacare

4. Against global warming — hell, recognizes that global warming is real.

5. Pro-union

6. Pro-minimum wage increase

7. Pro-balanced budget

8. Pro-taxing the rich

9. Pro infrastructure.

10. Pro “Black Lives Matter”

11. Pro clean energy & renewables

12. Pro science

13. Pro banking legislation

14. Pro immigrant

15. Pro-disabled people

16. Pro campaign finance reform — do you know who “Citizen’s United” was ABOUT? Hillary Clinton, kids.

17. Free college for working class kids

18. Anti-fucking-NRA

19. Pro-veteran

20. Pro all the many many people-who-aren’t-rich-white-and-straight-and-male.

SOLD OUT. Jesus, you stupid people.

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