5 Replies to “Ruins of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi”

  1. Don’t tell me that you’re traipsing amongst those ruins even as we speak, coz personally I’m doing something far less taxing this evening – trying to unpick the intricacies of Regina Carter & Reverse Thread’s,”Artistya.” I say Malian jazz, you prove otherwise.

  2. Kent Crispin​

    Ah, I can only live vicariously through you Kent. And not to interrupt your love of all things Greek or anything, but next stop Mali, mayhap? Send me a report on what you think of the Kora, tis the musical instrument of the gods I hear and one must simply not die before one takes a musical journey through Mali.

  3. Helen Ikua Well, I just spent a pleasant hour learning about kora 🙂 (I didn’t learn how you form the plural, though – “kora” seems better to me than “koras”).

  4. Kent Crispin​​​

    Yeah, one Kora, two Kora does seem somewhat more lingually agreeable. But seriously though, the Kora is my new find of the week and I just thought that I might take my liberties and infect a friend with my enthusiasm for West African music especially Malian music. 😀

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