3 Replies to “Mosquitoes and Vultures”

  1. Helen Ikua We had an opportunity for a short trip to Florida. Visited the Kennedy Space Center, then stayed in the Travelodge in Florida City: http://www.travelodgefloridacity.com/ and visited the Everglades (pictures taken at the Flamingo visitor center) and the Keys. Apparently flocks of vultures will descend upon your car and eat the windshield wipers and any other exposed rubber. We didn’t see any vultures. But the mosquitoes were indeed unpleasant…

    What is this word “bunduz”? (The Helen Ikua vocabulary lesson for the day 🙂

    That Travelodge is worthy of mention, BTW — a lucky find. They had a self-serve pancake making machine — you press a button, and shortly two freshly cooked pancakes would drop into your plate.

  2. Kent Crispin Sounds like you and Christina had quite the time. And you had me at pancakes, mention of Everglades flora and fauna was just the topping on the tale. And how about those vultures, no respect for private property, or maybe they’re just running out of natural prey. And bunduz is a Swahili colloquialism for the bush. And good of you to drop in on the folks at NASA. As for mosquitoes, boy can I tell you tales about them.

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