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  1. Helen Ikua It takes a while for scale to sink in — I see those enclosed stairwells, and imagine what it would be like to climb up them to get to a job as a crane operator, swooping back and forth and seeing how quickly and smoothly one could grab and stack the containers.

    Sometimes they would drop just a bit too fast, and the crash would echo across the yard. But I was watching from a distance (binoculars and a good zoom), and it took a bit for sound to reach me, and I never was able to actually locate the source. For the most part the dance took place in silence.

  2. The perfect choreography then, this silent dance that belies the underlying power of perfect synergy between intricate machine and experienced operator …. and I’ma take your word for it that these cranes are truly awe inspiring from up close, even from behind the safe distance of zoom lens. 🙂

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