“echo chamber” vs “epistemic bubble” (or “filter bubble”)

Long, but clarifies a useful distinction between an “echo chamber” and an “epistemic bubble” (or “filter bubble”). Unfortunately, the prospects for escape from an echo chamber are slim…

Originally shared by Gregory B. Sadler

Here’s an interesting piece that has been making the rounds. I do like the distinction made in it between “echo chambers” and “epistemic bubbles”. For my own part, I do block – or disconnect from – some people who out themselves as bad conversation partners on social media. More on YouTube than anywhere else. . .


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  1. Well, considering that most everything else is rigged these days, I’m not surprised that people choose to huddle together in impenetrable clusters of like minded individuals who agree with them at every turn. Nor am I surprised that there are people who just merely head off all contrary views, by not even deeming them worthy to be subjected to debate sufficient to discredit such contrary views.

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