Slow motion zombie apocalypse

It’s like we are in a slow motion zombie apocalypse.

People are being infected with a strange disease that leaves their bodies more or less intact, but affects their minds in strange ways. People with the disease become paranoid. They develop a tendency towards violence, both verbal and physical. They recognize each other, and are suspicious of everyone who doesn’t have the disease.

There is no cure. Rare cases of spontaneous remission are known, but in general the prognosis is grim. In most cases an infected person will remain mentally damaged until they die.

At this point perhaps 35% of the population is affected. The rate of infection has slowed significantly, and most of the remaining population seems naturally immune. But unfortunately, the collective deranged behaviour of the large population of sick people is causing serious problems.

The good news is that it is a slow moving epidemic, and we may be able to contain it. The bad news is that we will be caring for a large number of sick people for many years.

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