“America’s vacuous masses…”


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More than just political gamesmanship? July 27 2016, Trump’s public plea to Russia: Russia if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30000 emails that are missing. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.

Those who’ve convinced themselves that Robert Mueller is conducting a witch hunt by unfairly targeting Donald Trump instead of going after Hillary for crimes that have never been proved against her, should try and remember that rain does not come out of nowhere. For, when candidate Trump very publicy and with much aplomb invited an unfriendly foreign power to hack into Hillary’s emails and likely release sensitive information contained in those emails, candidate Trump must have had an inkling that he was not speaking into the thin air, but to Russian friends who’d only be too happy to acquiesce this most public of flirtation with conspiracy to commit a crime against the United States.

Now, some might argue that Trump’s friendship with the Kremlin is for all intents and purposes an imaginary friendship, and those who’d propound such a proposition would probably be right. In fact, judging by the ease with which Russia has sown discord in America, sometimes by hacking the DNC, sometimes by responding to Trump’s direct urging and hacking into Hillary’s emails, or sometimes by planting disinformation about vaccines for the express consumption of America’s vacuous masses, it’s clear that Russian intelligence does not think much of the general IQ of Americans and does not mind toying with Americans every which way.

Still, one cannot erase the fact that Russians, though only imaginary friends of Trump who see him as a useful chump that they can troll, nonetheless came through for Trump during critical moments in his campaign. Releasing hacked emails for instance, just for purposes of detracting from scandalous material that was contained in the Access Hollywood tape which featured Trump trumpeting his sexual prowess for the benefit of novices who don’t know a thing about grabbing pussy, easily counts as one of those moments when Trump’s pals in the Kremlin dove into the milieu of America’s politics in order to make good their pseudo-friendship with Trump.

And while it’s not entirely unexpected that Trump would try and deflect attention away from the Russia probe by lashing out at Mueller, at Hillary, at Obama, at the Democrats, or even by throwing his own employees under the bus, and while it’s no longer surprising to hear that Flynn met with Russians, Carter Page met with Russians, Manafort met with Russians, Don Jr met with Russians, Jared Kushner met with Russians, what must never be lost on Americans is that Trump’s inner circle were peddling something to Russian intelligence, they were peddling influence in exchange for promises to dole out certain favours to Russia should candidate Trump win the 2016 election.

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