Convenient access to instant machine translation.

One of the most important features for G+, for me, is the convenient access to instant machine translation. It allows me to follow people from all over the world, and at least have a semblance of understanding what they are saying. This won’t be easy to replace.

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  1. Kent Crispin: Judging replacement platforms on the basis of a feature that’s only present on the option that won’t be available in future …. isn’t particularly operative.


    * There are platforms which do offer machine translation.

    * There are plugins, extensions, or other means of providing this where desired.

    I agree, G+’s “Translate” link is powerful, and a feature that’s so useful and yet underappreciated until it’s gone. But unless we’re looking at two future options which are differentiated by its availablity … it doesn’t much matter.

  2. Martha Magenta Same currency that pays for server hosting, I imagine. If a hypothetical future version of diaspora offered this as an option, then presumably the same people who pay for the server hosting for the pod would also pay for the translation.

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