I don’t understand people immediately leaping to other social media platforms — g+ isn’t slated to close for 10 months, and a lot can happen during that time. Indeed I will be trying as many different platforms as I can in the next few months, but I am certainly not going to commit to anything. Not only will things change, but I will undoubtedly change as well, as I think about what I really want.

Update: Google screwed us all over; closing is now April instead of August, with potential partial service loss even earlier. Their handling of this is crude and callous.

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  1. Everyone is looking around, so after they find something they like, they still have a chance to tell people and encourage their friends to join them.

    That can’t happen if no one looks until the last minute.

  2. There are two big reasons for me leaping right away (although like most of us, we’ll continue using G+ also to the end):

    1) By moving early, we get to influence others to determine which platform(s) we move to. Since not all alternatives are equal – to put it mildly – we’d rather try to influence things in the direction of something with the features and values we hope for


    2) By moving during the early rush, we can more easily reconnect up with folks in our G+ circles while we’re all actively looking. There’s no autonomous way to find the new accounts of everyone we know. So, we maximize our chances by doing this while everyone else is looking for each other.

  3. Im going to ride the wave on G+ until it ends : ( At the moment im not waiting for Rome to burn, Im trying everything available to evaluate and see for myself if its up to the grade or not? so far i have tried PlusPora (forget it) Cake is ok but needs lots of work, and MeWe that i have been trying out today, I have to say it is outstanding and the best alternative i have seen yet, infact i will go out on a limb and say it is better than G+ hands down in so many ways it is not funny👍

  4. Kent Crispin For now, I’m on pluspora for sure, and I’m giving MeWe an earnest go but…I don’t like it. However, it will be easier for me to try and connect up with other mass migration folks now than to join MeWe later.

    I really like pluspora (diaspora pod). It has clicked with me right off the bat, and the sheer numbers of fellow G+ users in my circles who have gone to pluspora has made me already feel comfortable that it’s the place for me.

    However, I’m also keeping an eye on the Federated alternatives of friendica and hubzilla. They’re part of the same Federation as diaspora. I already have some mutual followers on friendica and hubzilla and the interoperability works well. Both friendica and hubzilla have some features lacking in diaspora already, and unlike diaspora they already have Mastodon interoperability (the Fediverse).

    Even though I’m sticking with pluspora, I like to keep an eye on Friendica and Hubzilla because they’re the options I’d most likely move to if diaspora doesn’t work out.

    I really very much like the fact that there are viable options to move over to another platform while still being able to follow/be followed by folks who stay on the old platform.

  5. I haven’t though. I’m on pluspora, MeWe, and adding more to Facebook. The only one I know I’ll still be on next year is Facebook. And probably pluspora. But pluspora is a very different experience. MeWe is giving me reservations and will likely have to be limited.

  6. Pluspora I’ve grabbed the most people on and it feels way more like g+ in its engagement. MeWe is too much like Facebook without being anywhere as good as Facebook but it isn’t Facebook.

  7. Sadly so. Though G+ was and is my main one… So sad. Problem is I can’t be bothered to be everywhere so I have to make compromise to get the connection I want to maintain. I have too many online friendships and many that are important to me. Its just easier to maintain.

    Pluspora is enjoyable though but still feels quite not enough yet.

  8. It appears that no one is actually committing to any particular replacement platform. I have mostly dormant accounts on tumblr, twitter, facebook, and instagram. I’ve been using ello for a while, and recently signed up for pluspora and cake. Mewe has a vibe that bothers me, so I haven’t tried there.

    diaspora/pluspora at this point doesn’t seem quite stable enough, either — technically, and maybe more important, not organizationally. Perhaps it will evolve, perhaps it won’t.

    Cake may have potential — Sign up was very clean, but I haven’t spent much time at it.. Hubzilla apparently has a notion of identity portability, so that you can seamlessly migrate from one instance to another. That seems to me a tremendously important advantage, if indeed it exists.

  9. Kent Crispin I’m definitely committed to pluspora. I’m just not being exclusive to it. I have never been exclusive to just one social media platform. I like to have two which I mainly focus on to hedge my bets.

    However, with the development of Federated distributed social media pods, my habit of hedging my bets across two completely unrelated isolated social media sites may no longer be necessary.

  10. Kent Crispin diaspora, like other distributed and federated options, bring you more stability intrinsically than any organization will ever be able to ensure!

    Open Source brings the durability of the code, distribution avoids the single point of failure, federation offers interoperability and so fallback insurance.

    Code doesn’t suits you, fork it. Code is dying, take it over. You disagree with, or would like a different organization, just join another in the network or create yours, setup your instances, and connect it to the networks. Want to break out of single network silo, would like to add another social communication mode to your social presence, want to try something different without leaving tour connections behind, your favorite network is dying^Wexecuted by it’s father, just join another federated network without loosing anything.

  11. I know I a little bit late to post but I understand. Google+ is a place that had what I wanted. Yes I looked around to create back up accounts. But if you can’t find what you are looking for you can always create a website that fits your needs. I created on wix.

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