Thinking about retirement while vacationing at Lake Como

Coping with Retirement

I went on Facebook today; saw many posts from Facebook friends related to my work life, and fell into a revery. There’s no way I would ever want to go back — the bite of being a person of leisure, world traveler, and  detached observer of humanity goes a bit too deep, and the freedom is glorious. But the pull of the world of work is still there, and it hurts a bit. Sitting at my balcony looking over Lake Como, hearing the Italian chatter outside, the call of ducks, the lapping waves, and thinking about — thinking about everything. There isn’t anything I would rather be doing at the moment, but a bit of sadness about things undone hangs over it.


Looking at Lake Como
From a restaurant in Varenna

Lake Como

Looking across Lake Como
Looking Across Lake Como






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