All of Us are Dead

The radio said  that “All of Us are Dead” (Korean zombie film) is number one on Netflix, though when I looked a moment ago  it seems to only be number two.  I finished watching it a few days ago.

Zombie films in general seem a tired genre, but this one has a twist: a very small percentage of the population are relatively immune to the zombie virus, and, though they are infected, they are able to keep their mental faculties intact.  Even more, they become physically superhuman, with incredible strength, greatly enhanced sensory acuity, and enormous recuperative powers. This tiny population of superhumans, the “halfbies”,  also remain infectious.

However, the disease is apparently only transmitted via mingled bodily fluids (ie, chomping on a victim), and so it is possible for the halfbies and humans to be friends, though a halfbie could be overtaken by hunger, decide to eat a human, and thus produce another outbreak. A halfbie is a potentially horrifying monster, but also possibly a terribly lonely friend. At the end we are left with a cliffhanger balancing that uncertainty. I look forward to season two.

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