Ice in the backyard

CF and I were just talking (March 2019) about how we haven’t seen any ice in the backyard for a number of years.  But it wasn’t always this way — picture taken in January 2007.

The Bug Apocalypse

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This is the scariest article I’ve read in a really long, scary, time.

“(It’s easy to read that number as 60 percent less, but it’s sixtyfold less: Where once he caught 473 milligrams of bugs, Lister was now catching just eight milligrams.) “It was, you know, devastating,” Lister told me. But even scarier were the ways the losses were already moving through the ecosystem, with serious declines in the numbers of lizards, birds and frogs. The paper reported “a bottom-up trophic cascade and consequent collapse of the forest food web.” Lister’s inbox quickly filled with messages from other scientists, especially people who study soil invertebrates, telling him they were seeing similarly frightening declines. Even after his dire findings, Lister found the losses shocking: “I didn’t even know about the earthworm crisis!”

The sky was a ruddy haze this morning.

The picture is the hood of my car. The dust and white specks are ash from the fires north of here.

The “Mendocino Complex” fire is “the largest wildfire in California history”, according to a headline.

Meanwhile, the Ferguson fire in Yosemite is still burning. All park entrances except the east side Tioga entrance are closed.

Temperature anomalies arranged by country 1900 – 2016

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Temperature anomalies arranged by country 1900 – 2016

Take a look at this beautiful data visualization by Antti Lipponen. It shows the average monthly temperature anomalies arranged by country from 1900 to 2016 with a base period of 1951 to 1980. A quite impressive visualization of climate change.

Download and images here: (Video) (2016 static image) (1980 static image)

This NASA Earth Observatory article on global warming is answering some of the most asked questions:

If you yourself or friends have doubts about climate change, I also recommend to watch this video, addressing some common misconceptions: 13 Misconceptions About Global Warming

Image credit: Temperature anomalies arranged by country 1900 – 2016 Antti Lipponen ( CC BY 2.0

See more of Antti’s stuff here on Flickr:

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