March 17, 2020, start of CV-19 photo stream…

Three Crows in a tree

This was the date the Alameda County “Shelter in Place” order came into effect.  I thought the situation was potentially serious, but this was the first indication that people in government were actually spooked.

I made a light commitment to take photos every day, mostly walking around the neighborhood.  I’ll post some of those pictures over the next few days.

The parking lot at Hacienda

Deserted parking lot at a shopping center
The deserted parking lot at the Hacienda Shopping Center

Christina described it as “eerie”, and it was.  Almost after the Zombie Apocalypse eerie.  “What happened to all the people” eerie.

African Violet

Close up of african violet
Taking photos around the house.

Sheltering in place, one must be inventive.  A tiny african violet sitting on the windowsill in the kitchen.


Small bird on Japanese Maple
I call him Henry
Small bird on a rock
I think it is Henry

I like to fantasize that, among the many birds that were flitting around, one took a special interest in me.  I decided to call him ‘Henry’.  A singularly intelligent and curious bird, Henry has been a loner all his life.

The Coffee Station

Coffee Station
The Coffee Station

I make coffee here every morning. If you look closely, right behind the hopper for the coffee grinder there is a small memo book, the “Coffee Station Log”.  The March 4 entry reads, in part: “…coffee is supposed to last until we leave for the NY-Barcelona cruise on April 16.”

I read that this morning, on March 20, not quite three weeks after I wrote it.  Things are happening so fast!  The cruise is no more, almost certainly, and the US has 50,000 cases of COVID-19, on track for 100,000 in three days, and by the time April 16 arrives we will undoubtedly be over a million.

Unlike too many of my fellow citizens, I understand exponential growth.  I still find the reality of it hard to grasp, but I am holed up in my bunker, making coffee every morning, for as long as I can.