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  1. Helen Ikua I am about as melanin deprived as a human can be, but raised in sunny rural California, so my 70 year old skin suffers from lots of accumulated damage. One day several years ago a doctor told me “You should get that thing removed”.

    “That thing” was a round dark bump, maybe 6mm in diameter, that had been slowly growing, right in the center of my forehead. I thought it was ugly, so of course I agreed, and made an appointment with the dermatology department.

    I had gone through the liquid nitrogen thing several times previously — no big deal — so I wasn’t expecting an actual surgical procedure where the doctor cuts until he “gets all of it”, and the stitches pull the remaining skin together so tight that my forehead feels like a drum, and I walk out with an enormous gauze dressing on my head, not quite believing what just happened…

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