Exporting G+ to blogger

I used the “to blogger format” mode of Google+ Exporter, created a blog, and imported the download. You can check out the results at https://c32767.blogspot.com/

Some comments: I have just over the 800 max limit, so I bought the $20 license. The export for < 1000 posts took a few minutes; the import to blogger took longer, I think — I walked away to get some coffee. The result requires tweaking, which is in progress, so if you scroll down through the blog you will see progressively rougher results. Some of the posts are not worth keeping — I estimate about a 30% deletion rate. The handling of photographs is not nearly as good as in G+. Note that this is the 1.5 version of G+ exporter, so the photo links may disappear w/ G+. I will try recreating the blog with the 1.6 version. Photo downloads should considerably lengthen the duration of the download and upload.

I want to repeat what Edward Morbius has been saying: the time to do this is now. There are learning curves all over the place, and hidden pitfalls and roadblocks abound.


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  1. Edit: I went for the free 800 limit version, as I know I don’t post a ton of things and I don’t plan on having everything from day one of G+ to now anyway since most of my older content is rubbish. Thank you for showing the end result on yours as it got me to finally giving the service a try!

    Original Comment: Looks pretty good to me. I think I’ll have to give it a try sometime soon, setting up a personal blog page for it to dump into first though. Right now I’ve got two blogs: one for each of the two collections I have on G+ that have gotten the most engagement from users on here.

  2. I compared it in particular with your most recent post about Bernie Sanders. The only things I can see that are different in the Blogger version is that for people unfamiliar with G+ it’s not obvious that most of the article is from Shava Nerad, and the comments haven’t retained their +1s.

    It would seem that the search box (top left) just gives results from the blog that one searches from, which is pretty handy.

  3. Matthias Welwarsky Yes, the size of the photos usually requires tweaking. Also, if the photos were a multiple upload to g+, they seem to be lost. The good news is that the photo download functionality of Google+ Exporter seems to work fairly well. Haven’t found a way to automatically tie them to the generated blog, but they seem to be mostly there, including many ancillary images. If most of your posts are text, then this all works pretty well. Photos will require significant tweaking, if you have a lot of them. But I’m really glad I downloaded them when I did…

  4. Interesting. Granted I’ve all but forgotten HTML skills acquired learning to use Blogger it might be a nice option for my garden pics and I could give followers and gardeners I follow an easy link.

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