G+ -> blogger -> wordpress

Recap: I’ve used the ‘Google+ Exporter’ tool to export my stuff to blogger backup file format, and imported the result into blogger. The result is at https://c32767.blogspot.com/ . It looks pretty nice, overall. But google’s brand has been forever tainted…

It turns out that hosted wordpress, at wordpress.com, has a function that will import a blogger backup file, so I thought I would give that a try. I created a free blog at wordpress.com.

There was a problem importing the ‘Google+ Exporter’ file directly (something about there being no author associated with the data). So I generated a backup file for 32767, and tried importing that into wordpress instead. It worked, mostly: https://mosqueeto.wordpress.com/ . The free hosting option at wordpress.com is not the best, I must say, but it is free. I’ve installed wordpress multiple times in the past, so that is an option.

Both wordpress and blogger would require significant tweaking and editing to achieve a pleasing result, and I might be better off sticking with something in the fediverse, and just manually inserting the stuff I really want to save.

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  1. Good work. I’m impressed that comments came across as well. It’s interesting that the ownership of each comment is a G+ Profile on a G+ Profile URL. Of course we still don’t know if that link will 404 after the G+Sunset.

    The images are the originals on Google’s CDN. Do you think they are in Google Photos or G+Photos? There’s a potential problem here that they also go 404 after the G+Sunset. Again, we don’t now if this will happen.

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