Old Coffee (2)

I have a love/can’t-stand relationship with coffee.  I bought a new bag of Peet’s “Major Dickason’s Blend” beans at my local Peet’s a few days ago that fell firmly into the can’t-stand bin.  I’ve consumed many bags of the Major’s blend in the past, and generally considered it OK, so this is an unexplained change.

Do I have crypto-covid with the only symptom being deranged taste buds? No, that can’t be, because toast tastes the same.  More likely, I think, is that Covid has affected the Peet’s delivery chain, and the beans that were supposedly roasted on 2020-11-02 were actually very old. In any case, the flavor was virtually identical to the year-old beans I wrote about yesterday.  Eeew de old boot.

Today I am trying a bag of Peet’s ‘Espresso Blend’, which, while not great, at least isn’t foul…

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